Together We Can

I am trying to write a book.  I have tried to write something worth publishing my entire adult life and I’ve never been able to sit my bi-polar ass down long enough to truly focus and dedicate myself to the task.  I have the stories to tell.  I have the desire to do the work, […]

A Veteran

I wasn’t there as much as I should’ve been.  I was there more than anyone else.  I was there more than I thought I could’ve been.  I surprised myself.  But I wanted to be there even more.  He was proud, impressed.  No one ever loved him like I did.  And I feel damn proud knowing […]

I’ve Lost My Way

If I say, “I’ve lost my way,”  I enjoy the way some people react.  Not everyone though.  I hate when people tell me that they will pray for me.  It’s not that I don’t feel the love or care in those words.  I understand that they have faith in a god and that they merely […]

Why I Deactivated Facebook

I got rid of my Facebook account two or three days ago.  I deactivated it because I was tired of the lack of social graces and common sense I found there.  I had people on my “friends list” that have been my friends since the 3rd grade and these people were trying to be something […]

Reclaiming Tecla for Two

I used to write all of the time. I never claimed to be good at it.  People started telling me I was good.  And I liked the way it felt, hearing that.  So I would show them more.  I needed to hear that I was good at something.  I was sad all of the time. […]

Save Yourself

Music is on.  It’s a good sign for me, when I can have music on.  It means my heart and mind are in sync.  It means that no matter how upset or manic I may be, I have some sense about me.  I won’t be killing myself or anyone else.  Sure the playlist might be […]