Trans Bathroom Issue

This has probably been in meme form or been in some epic blog post but I just had it as a thought so I wanted to share it.

All of these fears about trans people being in the bathroom with your kids and you thinking that somehow a law saying it being ok will now make your kids at risk….

Most (and I said MOST so if you’re the exception to this rule, chill out.) of the people afraid of this are the same people who argue that a law banning guns won’t change anything because if someone really wants a gun to commit a crime he or she won’t worry about what some silly law says or does not say, they will just do it because they are a criminal with bad intentions.

And I tend to agree with you there.

So what’s the big deal with the trans person being protected and allowed in the bathroom that suits them? If you DO go thru this long process to look and seem like a woman just to be allowed in a women’s bathroom to be able to get your hands on a little girl you really did a lot of work for no reason. The best way to get your hands on kids has been proven time and time again to pick out a kid that has low self esteem and simply approach them as whoever someone they would trust and be comfortable around. If you were a little kid and saw a man in a dress would you approach that person? No, with all of the hatred and bigotry in this country you would not. You would be scared and shy and full of hatred towards that person. I would think that a pedophile would know this and as part of their “game” to attract your kid they would want to look less scary and more intriguing. That’s why pedophiles in the past have worn clown costumes or pretended to have lost kittens or puppies, things like that. They don’t show up as a 6 foot man in a dress wearing the smokey eye.

I’m sorry. I just think you guys who are afraid of the pedophile angle really aren’t thinking so much as you are reacting. And I get that. You’re parents or have kids in your life and you want to protect them. But calm down now and think. Really just look over all of the information. This isn’t about what you’re making it about. No one would do what you are worried about. If they did, they would be the absolute WORST at it and would be ultimate failures at it and caught in a instant.

Trans people want to feel complete. They don’t want to spend time, effort, money and confront all of the people in their lives telling the truth just to have to go in to the wrong bathroom. It’s that simple and that important. I know it’s upsetting to you guys who have made it such an issue. I can tell by the outrage. But we in the LGBTQ community who are on THIS side of the issue feel just as strongly. Maybe you feel like, “God, we keep on losing rights and giving you things and you just keep coming back for more and more! When is it going to stop?” And the answer is, “It is never going to stop until it’s all done. Until it’s fair and complete.” And truthfully, we don’t even realize all that we need and want until we get the next big thing and then there is the next big thing staring us in the face. Life and justice is just that way. You don’t know what you don’t have until you go to use it and you realize it’s not here. We knew we couldn’t get married and that was glaringly obvious for decades and this bathroom issue wasn’t even on the screen because marriage was just so intense. But now that marriage is solved and hopefully protected, we realize that our trans brothers and sister are dealing with this hostile and ridiculous discrimination. It matters. It matters to a part of our community so it matters to us all. And so we fight.

I’m sorry that some of you are afraid or concerned. Maybe you can learn from the past that when you have fears or are worried that somehow giving us our rights your rights become some how diminished. That wasn’t the case with anything that has ever happened in the past. And I assure you that will never be the case with this or anything else to come in the future. Trust the reality you lived. Let’s grow together.


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