Why I Deactivated Facebook

I got rid of my Facebook account two or three days ago.  I deactivated it because I was tired of the lack of social graces and common sense I found there.  I had people on my “friends list” that have been my friends since the 3rd grade and these people were trying to be something that I know them not to be.  We are from middle class New Jersey and they are going on and on as if they were from the back woods of the deep south.  It was getting ridiculous.  They also all seemed to have forgotten that I was there when we were kids.  I know their parents and I know their childhoods.  We didn’t come from a violent, spare the rod – spoil the child mentality.  The kids that we grew up with whose parents did beat them we all felt sorry for and rallied around.  Now, it seems they want to go on and on about how kids need their parents to beat the every living hell out of their kids so that the cops won’t have to.  BULLSHIT.  I can’t tell if this is a racism thing or just a case of “now that they have kids they forget what it was like to BE a kid” situation.  But their ignorance is stunning and alarming.

This isn’t the first nor is it the only instance where their memories have failed them.  It was just the straw that broke the camels back for me.  I have been listening for months about all sorts of conservative rants from my friends.  And even though I am not really a die hard Democrat nor a liberal, I do tend to sway that way more often than not.  And I won’t lie about that.  But I am conservative on some issues.  I tend to take each case on an individual basis and comb the facts before I make up my mind.  But the people on my Facebook were simply always speaking as if they were in some sort of time machine.  And not just a time machine, but an actual vehicle of space.  Like I said, NJ is different from say Alabama.  But these folks, in their camo gear and with their country music blaring, have made no apologizes for wanting to take away a woman’s right to choose, gay rights, gun laws and being 100% on the side of every cop in every situation that has come to light in the last 2 years since the cellphone camera revolution.

I was feeling suffocated and emotionally destroyed by their lack of reason.  And I could no longer sign into a platform every day which stood only to remind me that the people who I called friends and family were obnoxious, arrogant, ignorant assholes.


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