It’s Finally Time

I turned 42 in February. With even the most rosey of outlooks that’s middle aged at best. I had a conversation with my niece about two weeks ago and midstream she off handedly stated something that, at the time, upset me. But I thought long and hard about it later and realized the bittersweet truth […]


It used to come and go.   It used to be all about if I could get sleep.  If I could take my pills and then an hour or two later pass out for 8,9, 10 hours nothing else mattered.  I just needed sleep, even bad sleep with nightmares, that’s all that was important.  I would […]

Trans Bathroom Issue

This has probably been in meme form or been in some epic blog post but I just had it as a thought so I wanted to share it. All of these fears about trans people being in the bathroom with your kids and you thinking that somehow a law saying it being ok will now […]

Winning the War

Joseph Michael Czahur was born on June 19, 1947.  He’s my dad and for the longest time when I was a little kid I thought he was my twin and that I had to catch up to him age wise.  I don’t understand the exact “science” or “theory” behind that.  It might come from the […]

Mystics of the Modern Day

Being a little girl in Central Jersey during the 80’s while the rap music phenomenon was busting out onto the scene left me with one of two choices, shrink back into my shell and hold onto my lily white preferences and benefits or throw myself down off the pedestal that society had perched me high […]


I’ve been neglecting my writing again.  I thought I would stay on track this time, but the simple truth is that I’ve got a lot on my mind and it’s like an emotional stew inside of my head.  My brother’s wife passed away several days ago and it’s brought up a lot of memories and […]